Learn how to get to Windsor Hills (without tolls), and discover the shuttle service from Windsor Hills to the Disney Theme Parks!


How to get to Windsor Hills

If you're renting a car, don't fall into the 'toll road scam'. Rental car companies often have extremely high toll road 'administrative fees', which scares you into purchasing their expensive toll road plans. This is an avoidable fee, and you can easily get around Orlando without going on toll roads, simply by turning on "Avoid Toll Roads" in your phone. We're not sure about Google Maps, but we know and have personally tested that Apple Maps' Avoid Tolls feature can safely avoid every toll road in Florida.

The following are the main toll roads in the Greater Orlando Area:

  • Apopka Expressway (414)
  • Beachline Expressway (528)
  • Central Florida Greenway / Seminole Expressway / Southern Connector Extension (417)
  • Florida Turnpike - Northern Coin System
  • Goldenrod Road Extension (551)
  • Holland East-West Expressway (408)
  • Osceola Parkway (522)
  • Western Beltway (429)

TIP: At the car rental place, take a picture of the map and list of toll roads, so you can refer to it when you're driving.

Windsor Hills Is:

  • 5 Minutes to the Disney World Gates
  • 10 Minutes to Sea World
  • 15 Minutes to Universal Studios
  • 20 Minutes to the Convention Center
  • 25 Minutes to Downtown Orlando
  • 1 Hour to the Atlantic Ocean or the Gulf of Mexico

When Using a GPS:

Please note that your GPS may take you to a non-existent entrance on Livingston Rd. Two entrances are listed on the maps, but one is blocked off. The actual entrance to Windsor Hills is on N Old Lake Wilson Rd. See the map below.

Shuttle Service

In case you don't drive, there is a shuttle bus service providing transportation to various Disney Theme Parks and shopping malls. For the bus schedule, refer to the pdf link below. Please note that this schedule is a reference only, and the updated and more detailed bus schedule can be picked up at the Windsor Hills Resort Clubhouse.

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