Take a look at the local weather in Kissimmee, Florida.

Local Weather

Below is the current and upcoming weather for Kissimmee, Florida, in Fahrenheit and Celsius. Scroll further down for average monthly temperatures.


Average Monthly Weather Conditions

Normal weather conditions with respect to month are listed in the following table. Temperatures are in Fahrenheit, Rainfall is in Inches, and Humidity is in %.

Month Average
Average Daily Humidity Average Rainfall per Month # Rain Days per Month
January 50º 72º 61º 72.5 2.43 6
February 51º 74º 62.5º 70.5 2.35 7
March 56º 79º 65.5º 69.5 3.54 8
April 60º 83º 71.5º 67.5 2.42 6
May 66º 88º 77º 68.5 3.74 9
June 71º 91º 81º 73.5 7.35 14
July 73º 92º 82.5º 75 7.15 17
August 73º 92º 82º 76.5 6.25 16
September 72º 90º 81º 76 5.76 14
October 65º 85º 75º 73.5 2.73 9
November 59º 79º 66º 73 2.32 6
December 53º 73º 63º 73.5 2.31 6

COVID-19 Information

The health and wellbeing of our guests is our topmost priority. We take the COVID-19 pandemic seriously, and have implemented various practices to keep our guests healthy. These include:

  • Cleaning all commonly-touched surfaces with disinfectant between stays.
  • No person-to-person contact during check-in and check-out.
  • All towels and bedding washed in hot water that’s at least 60ºC/140ºF.
  • Industry health standards followed.

These practices are in addition to our already high-standard customary cleaning practices that occur between every stay.

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